SlashGear Weekly Wrap-Up: July 28, 2012

Happy Saturday, everyone. It's the end of the final full week of July; can you believe it? This year is flying by, and so are the tech stories of summer so let's get to it. So we'll start with this – Apple's OS X Mountain Lion racks up over 2 million downloads in 48 hours. And the next big story comes from Google – Project Glass details and Google+ hangout coming Monay. And moving right along, here's something Microsoft probably doesn't want to hear – Gabe Newell of Valve: Windows 8 a catastrophe.Featured: Here are some of this week's featured stories:Wearable technology developer exclaims massive adoption potential.SlashGear 101: What's new in OS X Mountain Lion?Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core tops the benchmark charts [Hands-on].Define "failure": 26m iPhones, good or bad?How big of a role will Kinect play in the Xbox 720?Google Fiber: How do I get it in my home?Garnet red Samsung Galaxy S III hands-onRelax, Apple's new dock connector is a good thing.Is Microsoft's Windows $0.99 app omission madness, money, or moral?Other Stuff: So here are the other stories that made news this week. First up is one for gamers – Battlefield 3 Facebook ads led to 440% return for Electronic Arts. And in other news – Google Glass explorers bring VIP flavor to the AR tech. And finally – NFC gumball machine sells digital content instead of candy.