SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: October 22, 2012

This morning we're gearing up for one gigantic week of releases, starting with a massive (yet mini) Apple event and ringing through the center with Windows 8's official release. Start your morning off right with Bill Gates discussing Windows 8 with the Surface tablets starting the party the right way. Have a peek at Apple's education strategy with the iPad mini as well – nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but it's looking more and more likely!

It's suddenly 1993 again as a group releases the making-of the Velociraptor for the students of the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. It's also time to end a rather old relationship if tips are to be believed, that being the Apple/Samsung LCD business, tipped to be cut due to bad blood and a new pricing strategy gone wrong. The retro updates continue with a brand new cassette tape prototype that's able to store a whopping 35 terabytes of data.

We've got three reviews of products you'll be freaking out over, the first of them being no less than a full Windows 8 review in all its glory. We've also got a Samsung Series 3 Chromebook review and a Libratone Zipp review as well – AirPlay on the go!

There's been a discovery of a completely unknown Roman catacomb this week with no more than a stray cat archeologist bringing it out to light. Windows 8 will be blasting forth with a new Skype app for the masses. A home-striking meteorite has appeared this past week – consider yourself lucky that it didn't smack your car instead.

There's a brand new Google Glass in town, this time bringing engineer-grade wearable technology to the forefront with the name Motorola Solutions HC1. Samsung's flexible AMOLED technology has been delayed until 2013. Those of you in to the world of NAS will be glad to see the wild universe of Synology's quad-tuner DVDs with remote placeshifting.

If you really want to look forward to the future, you'll freak out at the leak surrounding the Google event on the 29th of October – Jelly Bean 4.2 plus LG Nexus 4, Nexus 7 3G, and the new Nexus 10 tablet as well. There's been a leak of the HTC DLX that you'll want to have a peek at.