SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up, May 6 2011

Yesterday, all the excitement was at the AT&T/Samsung event where the Samsung Infuse was unveiled. Vince here at SlashGear posted a hands-on in record time, and Burnsy has now posted his over at Android Community. Watch for full reviews coming soon. So far, the 4G speeds have been just ok. Also, news that Apple may be ditching Intel for ARM, after news yesterday that ARM chips will be in 13% of computers by 2015. Plus, Chris Davies' thoughts on the subject. In other MacBook news, OWC's Mercury Aura Pro Express will give you more storage space, but it'll cost ya, bigtime. Plus, security, shortages, intersting keyboards, and T-Mobile's burning platform after the cut.

More bad news for Sony, as they may face another attack this weekend. Meanwhile, Sony's CEO apologizes for the PSN breach, and offers identity theft protection to subscribers, European PlayStation Network anti-fraud protection is "close".

LastPass's CEO says they may have been alarmist in their reporting of the data breach yesterday, it's really not as bad as they thought.

RIM is set to launch its official keyboard accessory for the PlayBook, and the iTablet is a Bluetooth keyboard built just with thumbs in mind.

Asus has said that the problem with getting enough Transformer tabs out is not shortages of parts, but merely demand. They weren't prepared for how many people want their new tablet. Our commenters say, "now that you know we want them, please get to the business of ramping up production so I can have one!"

And speaking of tablet shortages, we have a tip that the iPad 2 shortage is due to the LG display.

T-Mobile is down nearly 1 million subscribers since this time last year. Ouch. Are people jumping ship because they don't want to end up with AT&T?

And remember, Mother's day is this weekend. Watch for our tech gifts roundup for the big day, coming up soon.