iTablet Thumb Keyboard is perfect for Bluetooth gadgets

Shane McGlaun - May 6, 2011, 5:39 am CDT
iTablet Thumb Keyboard is perfect for Bluetooth gadgets

I know on more than one occasion I have wished that I had a keyboard for my iPad or iPhone that was larger than the onscreen keyboard, but easy to use in the air without a desk. There aren’t too many keyboards that will work with your gear and work with a design that allows them to be used while you are standing without a surface to put the keyboard on. A new keyboard has surfaced called the iFlyer Thumb Keyboard, and it is just what you need for no desk typing.

As you gather from the name of the product, it is designed to be typed on using your thumbs only. It’s shaped a bit like a Xbox 360 controller and has a big trackpad on the back of the thing so you can control a mouse cursor using your fingers. The keyboard is battery powered and the maker says it will work with computers, iPhone, Android, and lots more stuff.

It should work swimmingly with anything that supports a Bluetooth keyboard. This would make a great way to get faster data entry on the PS3 or Xbox console or your HTPC. The keys are backlit for working in the dark as well. You can buy the Thumb Key board right now for £79.99. The keys appear to be large and have the standard QWERTY layout.

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