SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: March 20, 2012

This morning we've got some lovely news from Qualcomm Atheros as they join the Internet of Things with a cool tiny comms chip. There's a brand new Porsche 918 Spyder prototype out there on the race track this week, and Windows 8 eReaders may be coming soon. The Samsung Galaxy S III may be coming with wireless charging, Windows Phone is finally outselling Symbian in the UK.

For the iPad world we've got 12 million units sold on track for March, Apple assuring us that the new iPad is "well within thermal specifications" and it's certainly time for Pimp My Ride: iPad Edition. There's a lovely set of DIY Google Glasses in the wild now and Windows 8 will likely be launching in October.

Both RIM and Samsung have been sued for Emoticon Patent Infringement and there's a brand new redesigned Nokia Windows Phone user interface popping up for all to see. The Pirate Bay is thinking of sending out drones so they can host files literally above the law. It appears that HTC may be buying MOG for music, and you've simply GOT to check out the column by Chris Davies titled A sell-out iPad would've been an Apple failure.