Samsung Galaxy S III Standard Wireless Charging Tipped

The idea of wireless charging is certainly tantalizing, but right now if you want to try it out with your own smartphones, you need a bulky adapter that adds weight and thickness to the device. So why not just build the technology right into the phone? According to a new rumor, that could just be what Samsung is planning to do with its upcoming Galaxy S III.

DDaily reports that the Galaxy S III will have wireless charging technology built right into the back casing of the phone. The technology that Samsung will be using means that the phone wouldn't even need to be placed directly down on a charging pad – it could be as much as one to two meters away and still begin charging. That would differ from traditional inductive charging (found on the Palm Pre, for example) which requires a direct connection between the charging surface and back case.

Will Samsung completely ditch a traditional power plug? There's no mention in the report, and we expect that even if this rumor does come to fruition, you'll be able to choose between which method of charging you want to utilize.

Unfortunately we still don't know when Samsung is planning to unleash its next flagship Android device upon the world. Current rumors indicate the Galaxy S III will be between 4.6 and 4.8-inches, feature a 720p display, and run on a quad-core Exynos processor. Reportedly Samsung has also moved to some kind of ceramic casing rather than traditional plastic.

[via The Verge]