Rumors hint at Windows 8 eReaders

Microsoft has made no secret about its plans for a single unified ecosystem for multiple platforms using its operating system. In years past, there were multiple versions of Windows depending on the market served. It easy enough for us all to picture Windows 8 running on desktops, laptops, and tablets. It takes a bit more imagination to see Windows 8 operating on other devices such as smartphones, eReaders, and smart TVs.

Rumors are swirling that Windows 8 dedicated eReaders using the Metro UI are in the works. eReaders are certainly big business today with multiple devices on the market selling in impressive numbers such as the Kindle and the Nook. The idea is that you readers would use the Metro user interface and that interface would be common across all Microsoft-powered devices.

The question this brings to my mind is will Microsoft make the licensing fees for Windows 8 cheap enough that eReaders and other traditionally lower priced devices can be priced competitively despite Windows licensing fees. I'm sure to save money many of these Windows-powered eReaders will run ARM processors. The real question is will consumers be interested in an e-reader with Windows and the Metro UI. Would you buy such a product?

[via ZDNet]