SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: July 20, 2012

This morning it's time to continue the epic saga that is the Parisian McDonalds wearable camera incident – with Steve Mann continuing his quest to make AR a reality for the universe. Yahoo is pleading with their staff to "please don't stop" – an odd battle cry if ever have we heard one. Those of you waiting for Jelly Bean on your Android phones might want to turn to Nokia – yes Nokia – to find it: Android 4.1 has been ported to the N9.

Science is making a healthy attempt at getting smudge-free touchscreens for the near future. It's once again time to check out Marissa Mayer's cash fee for heading to Yahoo as its new CEO. There's an update to Jelly Bean in Australia for emergency calls. You'll want to take a peek at the LG IPS7 Series LCD IPS display and its easy to use MHL port.

You wont be seeing Thunderbolt 20Gbps until 2014 – bummer! Have a peek at how Microsoft has enlisted a Special Projects chief to replace their shuttered skunkworks. Make sure you check out the column entitled Will public shame stem Apple's patent aggression?