Nokia N9 sees Jelly Bean port

We've seen the Nokia N9 hacked in the past to run Android (Ice Cream Sandwich, specifically), and now the handset has been given yet another lease on life with a Jelly Bean port. Sure, not everything will be working correctly, but matching the latest version of Android with a beautiful piece of hardware is hard to ignore. Work on the Ice Cream Sandwich port still continues, with a lot of features still not working, but hopefully that progress can be applied to Jelly Bean in the meantime.

There's not a whole lot of info regarding the Jelly Bean port, and just because it boots doesn't mean that much will be working. Still, it's nice to see developers and hacking paying attention to handsets like the N9, not to mention the ancient HTC HD2. That phone also recently saw an early Jelly Bean port, and seems to be a device that refuses to die.

What about official updates? The Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S are currently seeing Jelly Bean updates roll out, and HTC has expressed its intention to update the HTC One X, One XL, and One S to Jelly Bean in the future. Other manufacturers have remained silent so far, although the announcement of a PDK for Android at Google I/O should mean manufacturers have a head start on any future updates.

[via Phone Arena]