SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up : July 15, 2011

There's a terrifying robot smashing about, and it's coming to yours neighborhood! It's no Michael Jackson apparatus, but you'll certainly be doing the Thriller when you see what we're talking about. Then there's an announcement by the NYC police that they're about to get a bit more electric, Cisco's pairing with Verizon is about to get a whole lot speedier, and SOMEone had the idea to go snooping around Google's code again, this time discovering no less than a full gaming experience on the horizon! Also don't think that Spotify has gone away, it's just begun – a full ecosystem coming up!

Lets start from the end: Spotify is a music streaming service that you can purchase a $10 subscription to, it allowing you unlimited use of their fantastically gigantic library of songs through your computer and your mobile device. Today we learn that there's more to it than that: a whole Spotify ecosystem is in the works including Sonos, Motorola, and more! On a sort of similar tip, Microsoft has leaked its Tulalip social network plans – any match for Facebook and G+? That remains to be seen. Then just to throw you for a loop, check out some soft memory developed recently with the consistency of Jell-O. Yuck!

And what about that robot? It's a gigantic Android! And it's coming right at you! In some rather concerning news, Sony Ericsson has decided to blame Japan's earthquakes on big Q2 losses. Maybe they should figure out how to harness time cloaking – a hole in time! Meanwhile the Pentagon has – oops – lost 24,000 files in a major network breach – kevin!

On the Apple front we've got news that the Apple A6 chip is in test production while TSMC keeps its heart set on taking Samsung's job in this sector. On a very similar tip, a 3D Apple A6 CPU has been tipped while iPhone 5 overheat reports become more than just a whisper.

Google CEO Larry Page insists their swelling threats of IP litigation are not a problem and Google Games is discovered basically the same way Google+ was. Cisco Cius gets 4G LTE with Verison and the NYPD get electric cars – specifically – Volt!