Microsoft leaks its Tulalip social network plans

Is anyone surprised that Microsoft is working up its own social networking project after Google+ broke cover and has blown up the way it has? Microsoft has leaked its own social network project when the splash page for the site was leaked on recently. The splash page was taken down and a message left in its place reading, "Thanks for stopping by. is an internal design project from a team in Microsoft Research, which was mistakenly published to the web. We didn't mean to, honest."

Microsoft might want us to think the social network is an internal design project, but I don't think any of us believe it doesn't want a piece of the social networking pie. I bet the project will morph into something along the lines of Google+. Whatever the project turns out to be I hope Microsoft changes the name, Tulalip really, really sucks.

The name reminds me of the old joke that goes something like "I know where you can get a job planting Tulips," and then you point to your arse. I guess they could have just went more with the Google rip off theme and called it Microsoft +. What do you think of this whole thing, intentional leak or accident? I say intentional.

[via Venturebeat]