Remote controlled, DIY Android mascot surfaces

If you are a fan of the Android operating system, you will recognize the geeky remote controlled robot you see in the photo below. This is the Android mascot and a geek from Taiwan made the bot using some elbow grease, a trashcan, and Arduino among other things. The bot is very cool and the body and head are made from a trashcan that was modded for the project.

The first step in the build project was to make the top of the can with its flapper style lid one piece and attach the Droid antennae. After that, the dude started to install the electronics inside the bot to allow it to be controlled remotely. An Arduino microcontroller board is the heart of the bot for controlling the lights and other stuff. The bot has a LCD on the lower part of its body. It uses a rechargeable battery that gets juice from USB.

The robots arms can move up and down and instead of little stubby legs, this robot has wheels that it rolls around on. The bots eyes are made with a pair of green LED lights. The power switch is on the back and you can see the robot in action in the videos below. That Android fans and fans of DIY will get a kick out of out of this cool project. Hit the source for tons more pictures.

[via Android Community]