SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: January 23, 2013

Chris Burns - Jan 23, 2013
SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: January 23, 2013

It’s one of those morning where you’re going straight to outer space, ladies and gentlemen, with Deep Space Industries sending FireFly prospectors to the outer reaches in 2015. There’s been new evidence discovered that suggests we had a lovely little gamma ray burst smashing through our planet just about 1200 years ago – and now we’re all mutants. And just to bring you back to Earth so we can continue with the gadgetry of our own environment, note that the Pebble smart watch is shipping today: early adopters rejoice!

Those of you working with Netflix streaming video will soon be able to use your smartphone as a remote with DIAL technology – second-screen action ahoy! Call of Duty: Black Ops II is pumping up for a whole lot of double XP action this weekend – don’t miss it! Don’t go anywhere though before you have a peek at our fabulous HTC One SV Review in full color action – 4G LTE for EE in the UK!

Wii U will be working with The Legend of Zelda: Wind Walker soon, and and HD version of the game this Autumn as well! There’s also been a Wii U roadmap of games revealed for those of you who don’t just want Zelda forever. Nintendo has also revealed that virtual console action will be headed your way this Spring – that’s sooner than soon!

The SDK for none other than Windows Phone 7.8 has been released for the developers amongst you – and the hackers, of course. The YouTube release of Gangnam Style has been revealed to have earned $8 million USD thus far – and still going! There’s been word that a Patent Firestorm was threatened by Steve Jobs (allegedly, mind you) directed at Palm if they did not sign a no-hire talent poaching agreement back in 2007 – re-read that one! Finally make sure you’re all about the “proper” PureView technology planned for a Nokia EOS Windows Phone – soon!

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