SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: January 22nd, 2013

This morning we're getting in down and dirty with such a variety of technological breakthroughs your brain is going to flip. Start your mind-blowing off right with an announcement of the official Google Glass Explorer Edition coming to developers "in a couple of months." Next be sure to see Audi's own super strange Swarm lighting for their futuristic cars of tomorrow. Amazon has brought forth in-app purchases for all manner of software – Mac, PC, and web games included.

Over at Intel you'll find a new batch of budget-friendly Ivy Bridge processors from all angles. The group known as Kantar World Panel has made it clear that the 2012 Q4 smartphone champion is the iPhone by a giant margin as Android appears to gain a lot of deserters – strange way to put it! AT&T has made an announcement that they'll be bringing on a full purchase of Alltel for a cool $780 million USD.

Those of you in love with HTC's user interface for smartphones will be glad to see Sense 5 leaking in full with a lovely aesthetic that's utterly pared-back compared to past iterations. Verizon has announced a hearty Q4 2012 loss and blamed it on Hurricane Sandy as well as pension costs. It's time for Firefox OS to hit the smartphone universe with a couple of developer smartphones you're going to Orange. I mean love!

MySpace's relaunch is in a bit of trouble – maybe – as they've been accused of using music that may not be theirs – dear, oh dear. Paypal has announced that they're making a full overhaul a reality in the coming months. The folks at MSI have announced a budget tablet with the name Enjoy 71 for the masses, and SteelSeries has unveiled their newest gaming keyboard with aspirations for colorful game-on action.