Audi Swarm tail-lights put Speed Racer on the docket

Chris Burns - Jan 22, 2013
Audi Swarm tail-lights put Speed Racer on the docket

One of the lesser-seen concepts that appeared earlier this year down deep in the Audi stand at CES 2013 was this magical bit of conceptual madness: the Swarm tail-light. This light recalls (as the title of this post implies) the fantastical visions of the brightly-lit future of the Speed Racer movie from the Wachowski tag team of excellence back a few years ago – complete with wild color combinations. What we’re not sure of at the moment is if this greatness will inspire better driving or more distracted crash-ready action.

The lights move forth and faster as the car accelerates, this creating a more “swarm” fabulous effect as you reach top speed. Instead of hitting the turn bar in your car, the swarm moves forth to the left or the right according to where your wheels are aiming – in other words, if you’re leaning toward turning to the right, there’ll be more lovely lights on the right side of the back of your vehicle. If you’re veering left, there wont be any lights on the right.

At the moment, as AutoBlog.GR mentions, this tech has been assuredly NOT been prepped for any vehicles that are going to be market ready any time soon. It’s not that we’ll never ever see such a bit of tech in the future no matter what, but we’re not going to need to be worrying about tuning our eyes for swarming lights next year, certainly. Not on the road, anyway.

Let us know if you’re hoping for such a technology in your vehicle in the future – or perhaps if you’d like to see this lighting working in a video game before we see it in the real world. Can you imagine playing Asphalt 2016: Swarm Lights by next year? Gameloft, that’s your cue! Make our eyes bleed by the time we’re ready to see it all happen in real life!

Also note that we’ve got a giant archive of materials we saw up close and personal at CES 2013 and you can catch more car action than your mind can handle in our Car hub now as well. Audi is there along with many other super-excellent car brands as well!

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