SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: April 4, 2011

Welcome back to SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up which, if you did not know, will now be coming to you in a "best of" form, allowing you to see exactly which stories will either be affecting your life or at least the rest of the day in important or otherwise completely awesome ways! Today happens to have started with some pretty thick rumors and realities on a couple of items we've grown to known and love to the max: iPad 2 and the oncoming version of Android to possibly be known as the tasty treat Ice Cream – or is it Ice Cream Sundae?

Of course any good Morning Wrap-Up on a Monday also includes some weekend business, so let's get to that as well: a couple of columns added on April Fool's Day, Friday, were no jokes, and spilled over heavily into the weekend. The first of these was written by Chris Davies and titled Google's Android anti-fragmentation push is vital, while a similar column was written by yours truly on Android Community and called Android Remains Open, Android Remains Powerful. Keep those in mind while you have a sweet look at our utterly pumped-up brand new Android Community 2011 Reface!

Then on an Android front once again, take a peek at how Sony Ericsson plans on training developers to create for the Xperia PLAY – aka the "Playstation phone." This same phone is released now in several countries that AREN'T the USA, but the phone has just hit the FCC which means that time is soon.

Then comes the big rumor factory for Ice Cream. Android's next version is on the horizon, and the peanut gallery has decided that Google's latest doodle means a little bit more than the 119th anniversary of the Sundae. Along with that comes word of Ice Cream pulling Google TV, Phone, and Tablet Strands Into One – looks to be an interesting future for this "mobile" OS!

And speaking of interesting for Android, check out Ben's account of BlueStacks, Android's Parallels for Windows.

Then comes the Apples. First, have a look at an 8-megapixel camera for iPhone 5 rumor, then get wild with Don Reisinger in a rather popular column that affirms How Apple Can Become the Next Gaming Giant. See a possible pic of iPod Nano's 7th generation which appears to be toting a camera. Grab the new PwnageTool jailbreak for iPhone 4, Apple TV, and more. See an EPIC PRANK played on a woman using an iPhone and its lovely simple notification system. See a brand new iPad 2 commercial that touts tech that gets out of the way. See a remote controlled car controlled by iPad or Kinect. And get extremely wise with Chris Davies morning column by the name of Forget apps, Apple's core iPad 2 experience needs to grow up. Powerful words!

Have a trip down Science Lane with Samia as she sends out her second SlashGear Science Week In Review, see Shane's SlashGear Week in Review, and Rue's increasingly popular SlashGear Weekly Roundup Video.

Oh, and don't forget the oncoming "iPad Killer," the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, of which we've got a hands-on walkthrough as well as official announcement and their very blunt mocking ad via Best Buy.

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