Geek plays epic prank on wife for April Fools

The best April fools prank I ever got up to was when I was nine and I loaded up a few cigarettes in my dad's pack cigarette loads. He happened to pull out one of the loaded cigarettes while we were driving down the street with me next to him. I had pushed the things so far down into the cigarette that he had to smoke most of it before it blew. Ashes went everywhere and he almost crashed the car. I spent the next week grounded. It was worth it.

A geek pranked his wife on April 1 and it was a good one. He got a hold of her phone while she was not around and changed his name in her contact list to AP Mobile to spoof her favorite news app. He then sent a text to her that said the Pentagon had confirmed the Roswell Crash as being alien.

It then went on to say that Obama would address the nation about UFOs at 1PM. Pete the prankster says that her jaw hit the floor. I bet it did, I wonder how long he let her stew before telling her it was a joke. I also wonder how long he has to sleep on the couch as a result.

[via Boingboing]