SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: July 5, 2012

Happy Thursday, everyone. Yes, it's back to the normal grind after yesterday's holiday, but there is a weekend coming up. And while you're still getting back into the groove of things, let's check out today's top stories. First things first – Apple iTunes app crashes get official response. And also, on the Android front – Google promises Galaxy Nexus sales by next week. Moving on to gamers – Namco Bandai brings 22 classic games to Asha touch devices.Featured: So let's keep moving on with today's featured stories. We got a whole bunch of them. First up, our Droid Incredible 4G LTE review is now live. And in other review news – Jabra Supreme UC bluetooth headset review. Moving onto the editorial side of things – Amazing Spider-Man product placement makes us giggle. And in other Spider-Man news – The Amazing Spider-Man movie: Dennis Leary talks Captain Stacy, slightly censored.iPhone 5, Motorola, & Gaming: Rounding out the rest of today's tech stories, we have an iPhone 5 rumor update – iPhone 5 set for quad-core A6 chip. And in other Apple news, specifically its dealings with Motorola, here's an interesting comment – Apple/Motorola case-tossing judge calls litigators "animals". And finally, something cool for the gamers out there – Gamer builds the ultimate Starcraft II arcade joystick for contest.