Gamer builds the ultimate Starcraft II arcade joystick for contest

Creative individual and Master League Starcraft II player Mauricio Romana somehow managed to build the ultimate Starcraft II arcade joystick. Romana entered a contest put on by gamesite Shoryuken with the quest to find who could actually design a working arcade joystick for playing Starcraft II. He won the contest, by the way.

Romana's winning entry was built out of an Ultrastick joystick with a network of Sanwa buttons. In total it has 29 buttons with two control buttons on either side with a space and shift button. It looks like there's a trackball mouse on the left, but it's actually a joystick that has a large cap. A PC recognizes the controller as a USB keyboard, so there's no real configuration needed. The only real problem is that it doesn't have an enter button, so you can't exactly type with it.

You can watch the video below to see Romana demo the controller.

Of course, gamers who want to get their hands on one of these things will pretty much be completely out of luck, unless someone decides to go ahead and start production on an idea like this. But if you're feeling determined, you can try following the instructions Romana used to build the controller, which he uploaded online here.

[via Ubergizmo]