SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: July 3, 2012

Happy Tuesday, everyone. It's not just any Tuesday, of course. Hopefully you've got amazing plans for the 4th of July, but until then, let's get you what you need to know in the world of tech today. For starters – Galaxy S III hits Verizon on July 10. And in other interesting mobile stuff – Qualcomm Yagatta platform hands-on. And in the world of gaming, here's something – Halo 4 multiplayer requirements skyrocket.Featured: So let's take a look at our featured stories of the day. Here's the kind of featured article that could light up any pre-holiday roster – Dead Trigger THD zombie-killing FPS hands-on. And if that isn't crazy enough for you, we ask the mind-boggling question of why Apple is allowed to charge so much stuff for its products. Is the Retina Display worth paying more for Apple products?Apple, iCade, & Robot Viagra: Before you head off to the fireworks and parties, let's just take a quick look at the other newsmakers from today. Here's something that's pretty interesting – Apple Surface a possibility says Bill Gates. And for a lighter story on this July 3, check this out – iCade mobile gaming system for iPhone now available. And finally – Darpa kickstarts research into Robot Viagra.