SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: February 16, 2012

Happy Thursday everyone. If we had to guess what's on your mind right now, we'd say Sony's upcoming PlayStation Vita handheld. If we were right, you must check out our first look article where we play around with our early review unit of the device. If that's not what was on your mind, perhaps we can distract you with this wicked cool Lego Minecraft set? Still not good enough? Then read on for the rest of the big news from today.

Featured: We've got a whole bunch of featured articles today, but none more topical than a column from our Chris Davies about the new Mac OS X platform – Mountain Lion could maul Windows 8. We've got another column from Chris Burns, who believes Android fragmentation does not matter to you. If you're more into hands-on stuff than opinionated pieces, then be sure to check out either our hands-on look at Mozilla's mobile platform Boot2Gecko or our early look at the ZTE Light Tab 2, or both.

Other Stuff: Today was a surprisingly big day for techie car news as well. For example, Ford began shiping OpenXC beta kits for in-car apps. In addition, for all you Beemer fans out there, the BMW remote iOS app has arrived in the US. We know you've been waiting for that one. On an unrelated note, we also saw Google's cloud drive spotted in the wild. Well, that's about it for today. Be sure to check back tomorrow for Friday's evening wrap-up as we wrap up yet another work week.