SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: February 1, 2012

Welcome to February! We're hitting the ground running as we steam ahead into the shortest month of the year, and there's no bigger news today than the launch of Facebook's IPO, which makes Mark Zuckerberg a filthy rich man. Not that he wasn't already. For something a bit more relatable, Max OS X 10.7.3 has just been released so get your Mac computers up-to-date whenever you get the chance.Featured: Our featured story today is a review of PressReader for iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Check out what our Chris Burns thought of the newest way to read newspaper through a flat-fee or subscription-based model. Yes, newspapers do actually still exist, believe it or not.Mobile: For mobile nerds like us, we're anticipating the Super Bowl not because it'll be a historic rematch between to big-market teams, but because it will feature a Samsung Galaxy Note commercial. And get this – Samsung has released a teaser of the commercial. Yeah, how often does that happen? Also making news from Samsung is the launch of US Cellular's LTE network. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy S Aviator are the regional carrier's flagship LTE devices.Portable Gadgets: Now this is pretty cool – iPad Nano 7G with camera leaked in photos. On another side of the portable spectrum, there's some PlayStation Vita news and it's good if you're the kind of gamer that likes to download – PS Vita games will be cheaper downloaded.Legal: In case you haven't logged into a Google service in the last couple weeks (aka, in case you've been living under a rock), the search giant overhauled its privacy policies, sparking a large amount of outrage as expected. Now, Google has gone to the trouble of buying ads to defend its new policies. And speaking of defending, we'd like to hear Zynga defend this – Zynga CEO applauds 'concept theft' in leaked memo. That's all for now. Check back tomorrow for Thursday's evening wrap-up.