PressReader Review for iPhone 4S and iPad 2

Today we're taking a look at an application which will allow you to continue your everyday reading of the newspapers you love, minus the paper, and minus the web browser formatting. This is PressReader, and with it you'll be getting the newspaper you love delivered to your iPad, your iPhone, your Android tablet, or your Android phone! You can either have your favorite paper delivered one time for a flat fee or can get a subscription to all newspapers at once for a low monthly drop of change.

What we've got running here is an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4S to show you the differences between interfaces here in tablet and smartphone. They aren't many, but they are there, and you can see instantly that this app really works better on the bigger display. That said, it works just as fast to use it on your phone whatever that phone may be. You get access to all of the pages you'd normally get in your newspaper, including advertisements and the funnies, all in this new digital format.

If you're really feeling like you want to dip into the future, you could refrain from cutting your newspaper up each time you see an article your relation has been named in and simply take a screenshot here instead – save the earth! Trees will be thanking you, thanking you around the earth. The application here itself is free on iOS for iPad and iPhone as well as free on Android for smartphones and tablets – and will work fine in the future for Ice Cream Sandwich without and differentiation between the two.

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Once you're in, you'll get seven issues of a few popular newspapers for free, and subscriptions will cost you $9.99 a month. You can also pick up individual titles for $0.99 a copy – a deal you cannot possibly pass up – right? Think about that one.