Galaxy Note given teaser for full Superbowl ad

Yes, you read that right, there's a teaser for an advertisement, one that'll be longer we must expect, made by Samsung for the Superbowl reveal of the newest version of the Samsung Galaxy Note. This device will be more than likely basically the same as the one we've gotten our hands on back at CES 2012 for AT&T, but should have perhaps some soft of feature or another that'll have us on our seats edge for such a big reveal. This newest ad is part of a series of "Samsunged" ads made by Samsung to tease Apple on their long lines and iPhone fans galore.

This advertisement is but one piece of the puzzle that's been coming together over the past few weeks and months. The Samsung series of commercials here have each been cutting into the Apple fan culture by showing these fans standing in line for long periods of time complaining about their iPhones, especially on how terrible it is to wait in line for one out on the street. You and I know that the best Apple stores are indoors, of course, but who's to say? Samsung has been knocking Apple with the idea that "The Next Big Thing is already here", saying the Galaxy S II in each of its different iterations is superior to the iPhone in whatever form its taking next.

The newest tagline is "The Next Big Thing is already here... Again", this prodding away at Apple once more by saying that no only has Samsung released a magical device in the Galaxy S II, it's doing so once more with the Galaxy Note. We'll see the full real deal come Superbowl Sunday. Also note that this is one of many companies teasing their future commercials via the internet, a sensation that's taking the web by storm this season.