SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: April 9, 2012

Happy Monday, everyone. Welcome to the start of yet another week. You know, it's not often we start off a week with a billion dollar story, but this time... Facebook scoops up Instagram for $1 billion. That almost makes this next story seem pale by comparison, but AT&T is ready to spend a whole bunch of money marketing the new Nokia Lumia 900 – $150 million to be exact. And as long as we're dealing with big numbers, let's turn to China. Not such great news there, as Anonymous says it is planning more attacks on China.Featured: We delve deep into Facebook's massive acquisition today in a column entitled Facebook's Instagram buy is a $1bn mobile landgrab. Elsewhere in our featured article repertoire today, we have a Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 hands-on and unboxing. And finally, are you one of the countless people who are mesmerized by Google's augmented reality glasses? Then check this out – From cyborgs to Project Glass: the augmented reality story.Xbox Netflix, Gaming Legend, & NYC: News for streaming video fans who own an Xbox 360 – Netflix Xbox 360 update adds zoom options and Facebook integration. Unfortunately, not all gaming news is good news, and today we reported that Commodore founder and computer legend Jack Tramiel passed away. Things have certainly come a long way since Tramiel's day. Heck, we don't even need phone booths anymore. In fact, New York City is coming up with a creative way to bring those public booths to a new era.