Anonymous Not Finished With China - More Attacks Coming Soon

Those popular hacktivists are at it again this past week, hacking hundreds and hundreds of Chinese government websites recently. While they managed to deface well over 500 sites we are now hearing they aren't finished yet and have even more plans for the Chinese government coming soon, and bigger targets.

According to Reuters more attacks are on the way as the activist group pushes to highlight corruption and work towards human rights improvement. They mention one of the groups members told them this specifically. This comes just days after all the attacks last week that even had messages warning of the downfall of the Chinese government.

The tweets and information released to Reuters outlined 10-12 people that are a part of the Anonymous China group, and that they have multiple attacks coming soon — a few at a time. One comment even suggested that the censorship and walls blocking out Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube will be removed at some point. Stating they will take down the "Great Firewall of China." Now that would be impressive, right?