Netflix Xbox 360 update adds zoom options and Facebook integration

Netflix for Xbox 360 just received a decently large update this morning with some new features and changes that should make plenty users happy — if you're an Xbox Live Gold member of course. Video streaming just got better today with the main feature bringing new and improved colors and contrast, not to mention the fact that Netflix added zoom options too.

Over on the Netflix blog they've detailed all the changes to the new Xbox 360 app, and what has changed. Again the main feature is the better colors and contrast. Netflix states they've added multiple zoom options for those still not using widescreen TV's (really), and it really helps for those 4:3 aspect ratios and black bars.

Additionally, they've added skip forward or backwards buttons for TV and shows, and you can even skip right to the next episode with ease. Users will be happy to know you can now also auto-sign into Netflix, and from multiple consoles as well. Last but not least Netflix added some social network aspects with Facebook integration. Users can now share TV or movies with Facebook in multiple countries. For now that option is not yet available in the US.

The update is available now for Gold members only, but will probably be available to others soon.