SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: April 25, 2012

Happy Wednesday, everyone. It's the middle of the week and we have a whole bunch of mobile phone news today. But first, let's get to the subject everyone's talking about – Google Drive. The latest detail: Linux Google Drive tipped for May. Moving right along to the other big topic of conversation these days, the new entry in Samsung's Galaxy S product line, which has been teased and tipped to all corners of the Earth so far. Today, though, Galaxy S III specs appear in benchmark app. And in even more Android news for today, Android revenue revealed for first time ever.Featured: So what were our featured articles today? Well, we have to go back to Google Drive. It's the hottest thing in the tech world at the moment. That will probably fade soon, but for now it's the thing to discuss, so we have a Google Drive mini review for desktop. Let's move on to another galaxy. That is, another Galaxy. There's so many of them these days, but You want a Galaxy S III, not a Google Galaxy Nexus.Phones, Phones, & More Phones: In keeping with the phone theme of today's wrap-up, we'll move on to a potentially interesting story – HTC is working on a Facebook phone, but will it be terrible? And we have even more news on the Nexus front, which is that Samsung is rumored to be making Google's next Nexus. And finally, yes, another Android story. It dominated the news today. HTC One S goes on sale for T-Mobile.