SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: April 2, 2012

Mark Raby - Apr 2, 2012
SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: April 2, 2012

Happy Monday, everyone. Did you fall for a good prank yesterday or were you the one pranking? Let’s start off the week with a review of our post yesterday, April Fools in the tech world 2012 round-up. Okay, onto something that isn’t a fake story – Apple working on iOS game controller hardware. And moving on to something for those who maybe aren’t huge Apple fans because they can’t afford it, Eser tablet presents the $50 Android.

Featured: Among our featured stories today is a hands-one look at HTC’s upcoming One smartphone line – HTC One camera wows in real world. And in continuing with our theme of bouncing back and forth between Android and Apple, here’s an insightful take on the current state of the tablet market: Why iPad 2 still dominates Apple advertising in 2012. Okay, and on a completely separate subject, our Philip Berne examines the hubbub about the PS4 and Xbox 720 potentially ditching physical disc drives: Keep the discs in my Xbox and PlayStation.

E3, Mobile Market Share, & Facebook Retina: Looking at the other stories that made waves today, we have a new rumor that E3 will reveal PlayStation 4 same day as Xbox 720. Also, the latest stats in the mobile marketplace show that Blackberry is steady as Android and iOS slide. Interesting, eh? And finally, it’s nice to see that Facebook’s iPad app has been updated for Retina Display support. Because when you’re creeping through your crush’s photos, it absolutely positively has to be in HD.

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