ESER tablet presents the $50 Android

Chris Burns - Apr 2, 2012
ESER tablet presents the $50 Android

The promise of an almost-free Android tablet is here, though if you’re looking for quality with that high order, you’re may be in for a bit of dissapointment. The Shanzhaiben ESER tablet has been released internationally – centered in China – for a whopping $50 USD. This device is a 7-inch tablet running nearly the newest Android system out there with Gingerbread and will bring you a lovely single core Allwinner A10 ARM Cortex-A8 processor to back it up. This is the tablet you’ll likely be getting from Aunt Bessie with a note that says “use this for school, no games!” for your birthday this year – expect it!

This device will be available in stores in China and Shanzhaiben may be taking individual orders this Summer, but at a price this low, it’s likely that they’ll only be selling these tablets in bulk. You’ll be working with a sub-1 pixel front-facing camera for chat, Mali 400 graphics, and a whopping 512MB of RAM. The front panel is Resistive technology too, so don’t expect to play any hard levels of Fruit Ninja any time soon.

What is a device such as this good for? It’s good for giving away as party favors at your graduation party, it’s good for reading some text on the train, and it’s good for purchasing and not worrying about losing. When you pay just $50 on a tablet, your intent must be to not worry about the investment – because there essentially is none. Expect the trend of beyond-low pricing on “smart” devices to continue through the year – maybe we’ll see this action in the USA sooner than later!

[via M.I.C. Gadget]

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