Apple working on iOS game controller hardware

Rue Liu - Apr 2, 2012
Apple working on iOS game controller hardware

Despite Apple’s previous stance against physical buttons in favor of its all-touchscreen controls, the company may be coming around to the idea. According to AnandTech, which recently reviewed the new iPad, Apple has an internal project that is working on a physical game controller for its iOS devices.

A controller like the OnLive version pictured above would certainly make the iOS platform more welcoming to hardcore gamers while giving casual gamers the option of taking their gaming to another level. Combined with the Retina Display of the new iPad, the Full HD support of Apple TV, and AirPlay wireless streaming, this could make for a nice gaming setup that can easily transition from the living room to on-the-go.

However, the move would seem like an admission by Apple that touchscreen-only controls aren’t enough, a stance that Apple has denied over the years by keeping their iPhones and iPads completely touchscreen. AnandTech did also mention that although Apple has been exploring and developing a prototype hardware controller, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the product will ever reach the market.

[via AppleInsider]

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