Siri Speaks On Apple Watch

No proper Apple Watch would be complete without Siri, which is integrated into Apple's newly unveiled wearable. The feature works just the way you would expect: ask a question, and ye shall receive an answer. We've got some examples of it in action after the jump.

Curious what movies are playing? Ask and you'll get the info, as an example. To pull up Siri, you'll push the crown from the homescreen, then proceed with your question or command. Siri will no doubt bring a large amount of usability to the wearable.

What else do you need to know about the Apple Watch? For one thing, they speak to each other. Beyond that, you can get your customization groove on by taking advantage of the interchangeable wrist straps. There's wireless charging. Oh, and if you want one, you're gonna need an iPhone.

As is always the case, you can find out more about Apple and all it has to offer over at the SlashGear Apple Hub, where we're detailing the company's event live. Hit up the timeline below, as well, for some other recent news.