This is the Apple Watch

Long rumored, highly anticipated, and wildly rumored — the Apple Watch is here. Today, Apple made official their first device meant to be worn. Not only their first wearable, Apple is taking smartwatches to a whole new level. Here's what you can expect, and what it really is.

The UI for the Apple Watch is wholly new, and Tim Cook was very careful to note it is not a shrunken iPhone UI. You won't be doing things like pinch-to-zoom, or typing. The iWatch is also meant for health info gathering, and will work with Apple's HealthKit and Health app.

The shape and style are, of course, subjective. The rounded main housing is a touch curved, making it follow the form of your wrist. The band is interchangeable, but comes with a stock rubberized band. It reminds us of a first-generation iPod in style, which was another Apple product that changed a whole lot in the market it entered.

The Apple Watch also has a Retina display, covered in Sapphire. Apple says it's "flexible", which speaks to its touch capacity. It can sense touch pressure and type, meaning you can interact with your watch beyond how you do with a smartphone.

A new chipset, called the S1, packs all the things you'd need into one component. That could be for easy replacement or repair, should your Apple Watch go down a bad path. Inductive charging is also on board, which Apple has already mastered with their MagSafe Macbook charging.

There is a lot we'll parse out about the Apple Watch over the next few days and weeks, so be sure to check back early and often. Apple isn't done announcing it, and they've got a lot of potential with their first actual wearable.

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