Microsoft's Titanfall barrage continues: 8-bit games and bundle slashes

It should be seen as no mistake that the Xbox One-exclusive game Titanfall is being promoted with a fervor more intense than essentially any other game in this generation of gaming consoles so far. This week the third of three 8-bit games for the Titanfall "8-BIT IS BETTER WITH A TITAN" collection is released, there's free magazines and contests being held at Wal-mart, and a price-matching war is being waged at Best Buy. Do you think Microsoft wants this game to be a hero for their system?

In addition to Titanfall Arcade being fully open for free gaming action in a web browser, both Best Buy and Wal-mart are knocking down the price of the Titanfall Xbox One bundle to $450 USD. That's quite the pitch given the idea that the PlayStation 4 costs $399 USD and Titanfall – the game – costs $59.99 USD. Normally the bundle would cost $50 USD more.

We're also seeing Wal-mart displays with massive Titan cardboard cutouts and interview-filled magazines that potential gamers can pick up for free. They've filled these displays with Titanfall for PC and for Xbox One alongside special edition Titanfall-decorated 1-Hour-Energy drinks as well.

NVIDIA has let it be known that they're now working with Respawn Entertainment to enhance the game's visuals and make it as perfectly suited to NVIDIA GeForce graphics processors as possible. Titanfall for PC will be available for 4K resolution displays sooner than later.

EA Games and Respawn Entertainment also created a couple of massive models code-named "Betty" and "Jack". These Titans were made by Daniels Wood Land – have a peek at our Titanfall statue article for more on these two-story-tall beasts.

Parkour runners hit London, a number of Titanfall fan-blogs have sprung up, and in addition to official K'NEX models hitting the pipeline, the un-official LEGO builds have begun. Here you'll see DerpusDraconis' model from Reddit.

As for Microsoft's direct push of this game – you'll not see it appearing so entirely apparent. This game is huge for the console, and behind the scenes, Microsoft is pushing as much wind under its wings as it can. Stay tuned for more Titanfall in the public and in online advertisement spots galore – this isn't over yet, not by a long shot.

Be sure to take a look at our massive Titanfall Review for both Xbox One and PC and let us know if you're in. We'll be running around in Hardpoint, grabbin all your bases.