iPhone 12 won't be an "insane" change for your life

Today we're exploring the latest leaked details surrounding the iPhone 12 and its companions, a family of new Apple smartphones with likely reveal and release dates coming VERY soon. The iPhone 12 is almost certainly the base name for a set of four devices with three basic sizes, each with new and improved hardware and software VS last years' models. But do you need to own any of them, and will any one iPhone 12 change your life?

We're living in a very strange time. We're entering what appears to be the second wave of a global pandemic. We've got a presidential election coming up quick here in the USA. The times, they are a-changing. Apple is about to reveal a set of new iPhone devices the likes of which might seem like the answer to all your problems – what better way to escape the world than with a brand new smartphone?

Short answer: This won't be the so-called insane iPhone 12 upgrade we were promised in earlier leaks. Not unless you need a whole lot more processor power for the apps you've been running already.

The four

It seems likely, thanks to the wide variety of leaks and insider tips we've received and reported on over the last few weeks, that Apple has four new iPhone devices ready for reveal in the next few weeks. They likely consist of one iPhone 12 Mini with a size smaller than most recent generations, an iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, both with a very similar/identical display size, and a largest-possible iPhone 12 Pro Max.

This should span the price range much like we've got with the iPhones already on the market right this minute, while iPhone 11 devices replace the iPhone 8 and etcetera at Apple Stores. There's very little reason to believe that Apple's strategy with pricing and iPhone price tiers will change with the 2020 collection.

Upgrades for two

If you're looking for a major upgrade from the iPhone you already own, keep in mind that our reviews over the past decade have almost always come to the same conclusion when it comes to iPhone tech progress. That is to say: If you have last year's iPhone already, it's not going to make a very massive for you buying this year's iPhone.

If, however, you have an iPhone released a couple of years ago – or older – you might just find a feature or two that'll be worth the upgrade. It still won't be a life changing situation, mind you. Apple's strategy with long-term support for their devices dictates that you have a GOOD piece of hardware with updated software for several years at least. This strategy does not include introducing RADICAL changes that'll make recent iPhone customers disappointed that they didn't wait to see the newest model.


There is, however, always the possibility that Apple will throw us a curveball. The same scale of operations and massive capability for production that makes leaks of smartphone details valuable allows Apple maximum potential for surprise and delight. We're so very sure that we know everything about the next iPhone because we've seen SO MUCH through anonymous sources that any non-leaked feature will seem fantastic and amazing.

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We're not expecting any "One more thing" surprises at Apple's next event, but that might just be the real trick. We're crossing fingers it's more than a braided USB-C cord.

Expected Verdict

No matter how you spin it, now's not the best time to buy a new iPhone. I mean now, before Apple's next big event. They'll almost certainly show a new set of devices inside the next few weeks, and prices for previous-generation devices will be cut in a major way.

Whether you're looking to buy an iPhone 11 or older, OR an iPhone Apple reveals in October, you'll do well to wait until the big event takes place. If you own an iPhone released in 2019, it's unlikely Apple will reveal a new iPhone that'll make your brain explode. The 2-year change is likely to remain in place for some time to come – unless you live in an area that already has 5G data speeds and you're ready to take the open shot, of course.