Apple's "Insane" iPhone 12 Upgrade Leaked

A new leak of performance power for the next major iPhone release suggests that the iPhone 12 collection will be a true upgrade. Normally, iPhone users that purchase a new iPhone every year, or even ever couple of years, know that sometimes this purchase is more of a "I just need a newer version of what I've already got" sort of situation. This year, that might all change.

Per the leak this week from prolific Apple leaker @iHacktu we've got a new set of numbers for the power of the processor chip in the next set of iPhone devices. The iPhone 12 range, according to this leaker, will have a new Apple A14 chip with significant boosts to both CPU and GPU power.

Normally we'll see boosts of a few percentage points, with any major boosts being compared to iPhones released several years in the past. This year, we might well notice the difference compared to devices released as recent as a year ago – with the iPhone 11.

According to iHacktu, the A14 chip will see a CPU gain of around 29.7%, while the GPU will see a 38% boost. These boosts are apparently compared directly to last year's chip, the A13.

NOTE: Apple's presentation on September 10th, 2019, showed the CPU of the A13 to be "20% faster" than the A12. They suggested that this was a 20% boost for CPU and GPU (as well as Neural Engine.)

What's more, Apple leaker Komiya (@komiya_kj) suggested on August 10, 2020, that the A14 compared to A13 would see an even more significant boost. Komiya's numbers ramped up to a 40% gain for the CPU, and a 50% gain for the GPU.

Will a significant boost to processing power make a big difference in your life if you buy a new iPhone? Will a big bump to CPU and/or GPU power make or break your decision to purchase an iPhone 12 in 2020?