HTC Invites Press to September 20th Event, Android Handset likely

It's time for another bigtime event hosted by none other than HTC, manufacturers of mobile devices of many varieties, though we can expect Android for this specific date. Note before we go any further that it's Fashion Week in the city this event will be taking place in, New York City that is, so a "celebrate in style" note in the invite is more than appropriate. Earlier this month we got some hands-on time with two Windows Phone 7 HTC devices, the HTC Radar and the much larger HTC Titan, both of them at IFA 2011 in Berlin. What we've got left are leaks and notes galore on all sorts of devices, many if not all indications here pointing directly toward an Android device of some sort or another.

First, and least likely, is the HTC Jetstream, a 10-inch tablet with a tablet-based version of HTC's Sense user interface and a release on AT&T inside this month as well. It's unlikely that they'd hold an event for this device since it's already technically available for purchase at AT&T. Next there's the HTC Amaze 4G also known as the HTC Ruby and carried by T-Mobile: this device is an upgrade from the recently release HTC Sensation as its dual-core processor is slightly more beefy and the chassis have been fiddled with for perhaps a more comfortable hold (though it'd be nearly impossible to get more comfortable than the Sensation, mind you, so says your humble narrator who's got one sitting right here on the desk.)

There's another similar device supposedly running on AT&T up and coming 4G LTE network, that being the HTC Holiday sporting a dual-core processor of course aside a 4.5-inch display that might well be going up against the DROID BIONIC and the Galaxy S II directly in the coming Fall season. Whatever we see, we're likely to see some sort of Beats integration since HTC started to affiliate with the group back at the start of August to the tune of $300 million. There's a special Beats edition Sensation coming down the pipeline in here somewhere as well.

Then there's the HTC Vigor which showed up on the FCC listing site, not much being known about it at the moment, but with a heading for Verizon's 4G LTE network, we're seeing HTC take the LTE beast by the horns in the near future on several fronts.

We're likely to see whichever device is released feature a new look at HTC Sense, a video tour of HTC Sense 3.5 being leaked late last month. Along these lines is a leak of HTC's Flyer tablet's update to Honeycomb version 3.2, this also including an update to the user interface.

No matter what, you can bet we'll be there covering the event live, so stick with us here on SlashGear for the news right as it exits the cannon!