HTC Endeavor ROM hints at HTC Speak potential Siri rival

Chris Davies - Feb 13, 2012, 5:53am CST
HTC Endeavor ROM hints at HTC Speak potential Siri rival

The HTC Endeavor continues to give up its secrets, with diagrams of the upcoming smartphone along with hints of an “HTC Speak” potential Siri-rival being dragged from the leaked ROM. Curiously, although the quadcore Tegra 3 based Endeavor is believed to be the same as the HTC Edge, the graphics used in the ROM as part of the SIM-insertion sequence show the angular Android device leaked last week. Meanwhile, HDBlog‘s digging has apparently unearthed a movie editing app – and not the regular Google one – along with HTC Speak, a voice command system.

Unfortunately, right now there’s little more than naming information for the new HTC apps. It’s unclear whether HTC has followed in Apple’s footsteps and created – or licensed – a true Siri-style digital personal assistant, or whether it’s the more mundane voice-dictation and shortcut system we’ve seen on other Android devices. Still, we’ve been saying HTC should push ahead with its services as a way of differentiating itself from other smartphone manufacturers, so this could be a good sign.

As for video editing, the functionality is apparently not that which Google baked into Ice Cream Sandwich, but an app of HTC’s own. Again, no screenshots or real details at this stage, but the software has apparently been branded to suit HTC Sense 4.0.

The HTC Endeavor – along with the HTC Ville – is expected to make its official debut at Mobile World Congress later on this month, and we’ll be there to bring back all the details. The smartphones are part of what HTC has described as its “Hero Device” strategy, a return to quality-over-quantity that the company hopes will turn around its fortunes.

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