Daily News: Wall-climbing tech, E3, and phone leaks galore

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 9, 2014
Daily News: Wall-climbing tech, E3, and phone leaks galore

Today was a big day with the kick-off of E3, and despite the slew of gaming news, the day has been alight with all sorts of new products, leaks, rumors, and other tech-centric goodness. We’ve rounded up some of the most notable stories from earlier for your enjoyment; check them out after the jump!

This morning word surfaced of a device codenamed McLaren reportedly destined for several carriers, bringing with it both Windows Phone and gesture-based control. That’s not the only phone leak we saw today, however, with photos also surfacing of what is said to be the iPhone 6, and in tow came some new rumors regarding its specs.

The science world was also alight with its own interesting spat of news: the DARPA Z-Man project revealed a new tech allowing humans to scale walls using only a couple paddles, and the International Space Station beamed a “Hello World” HD video to Earth via laser, making a new milestone in space-based communications.

On the consumer product home front, Samsung’s Shape speakers have scored Spotify Connect, and SteelSeries slid in with a couple new announcements: its Sentry Eye Tracker was unveiled, aiming to help train professional gamers, and it also took the wraps off its Stratus XL wireless controller.

And, of course, the heaps of E3 2014 news that is still rolling in.

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