New Windows Phone may have gesture control, like Kinect

Nate Swanner - Jun 9, 2014, 8:34 am CDT
New Windows Phone may have gesture control, like Kinect

Companies like Motorola and Microsoft want you to have smartphones, but don’t seem to want you to touch them. Motorola’s always-on listening mode gave us hands-free search, and a new report suggests Microsoft is trying to do something similar. Relying on gestures, a new handset may end up being the one you set down and never pick back up.

The Verge is reporting the device is codenamed McLaren, and will launch on a number of US carriers. One of the more interesting features of the phone is gestures, wherein we’ll simply hover a finger or hand over the device to control it. The report also notes the gesture-based system is known internally as 3D Touch or Real Motion.

As for those times you actually do hold the phone, the McLaren could have more amazing features. Calls will answer as you draw the phone to your ear, and the report notes Microsoft is working to make the camera work with the actual outer casing. The edges of the device may end up with a number of sensors, and let you zoom the camera by sliding a finger along the edge, or power the device on simply by gripping it — no more power button.

The Kinect-style features, though, they’re the attention grabbers. The 3D Motion sensors in the phone will let you operate the phone as you would when actually touching it, except you don’t have to. Hovering a finger and pushing down mid-air could take the place of actual interaction with a device.

When will we see this alleged new device? Sources point to a release sometime later this year, along with a Windows Phone update. The device is also believed to be the followup to the Nokia Lumia 1020, putting it on the flagship level for Microsoft.

Source: The Verge

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