New iPhone 6 rumor: NFC, better LTE, wireless charging

Aside from being just plain lager, the iPhone 6 might be your dream device. If new information is accurate, the incoming iPhone(s) will end up giving users just about everything they want. From wireless charging to a historically very anti-iOS feature, this news is either too good to be true, or just too good.

A source "close to the situation" tells Venture Beat about some new features for the larger iPhone — and yeah, here we go again with the larger iPhone talk. By now, we're just going to go ahead and bite down on the larger iPhone rumor. It's coming, we want it, let's move on.

Wireless charging is also coming, according to the source. This contradicts a previous report that wireless charging would not be coming to the iPhone 6, due to the metal casing. The source claims a "new iPhone 6 design includes a surface under the shell which connects to an inductive charging surface for energy transfer." There was no mention as to which technology is on order, but it's likely the Qi standard.

A new LTE radio is also said to be bringing better data transfers, but not LTE Advanced. The new radio is said to offer transfers of up to 300 mbps, and be category 6 LTE.

Ready for the oddest iPhone 6 rumor yet? We're getting NFC, according to the source. Apple has held out from including NFC for some time, but this source says it's coming with the iPhone 6. The problem is that Apple doesn't have alliances with any mobile payment solution, which is the real winner for NFC utility. If they have one, or intend to implement their own payment solution, NFC use would be handy.

We'll also remember this is all rumor until Apple says it isn't, so take this with a hefty amount of levity. NFC at this juncture is behind the curve, and even NFC tag providers are starting to migrate to Bluetooth. We'd like the option, but there's no reason to include it otherwise. A better LTE antennae is almost a given, and the larger screen seems like a lock. We'll just have to wait to find out what Apple has for us; when they're ready to say, that is.

Source: Venture Beat