SteelSeries Sentry Eye Tracker helps train pro gamers

SteelSeries has just announced a new kind of gaming peripheral that features some fancy eye tracking technology. But unlike its more popular devices for common gamers, the Sentry Eye Tracker pro is squarely targeted at training the next generation of competitive gamers.

One might wonder what eye tracking has to do with training gamers. It all has to do with the correlation between eye movement, or the lack of it, and the gamer's ability to process all the information in that moment. In short, it is all about Fixations Per Minute (FPM). The theory is that lower values of FPM means that the player is able to process information faster in the area where his or her eye rested.

With the Sentry Eye Tracker, gamers and trainer will have a wealth of information in their hands to better determine and analyze bottlenecks and points of improvement in a gamer's performance. But raw data is meaningless without something to compare it to, so SteelSeries is working with professional gamers to establish the standards by which users can measure their performance against. Think of it as a benchmark, but for eye movement as it relates to competitive gaming.

Sentry Eye Tracker was actually already showcased at CES 2014 but in a somewhat different guise as the Tobii EyeX Developer Kit. This new peripheral also makes use of Tobii Technology and is being demonstrated at a booth at E3 2014 this week. No availability and price details have been announced yet, though SteelSeries says that the Sentry Eye Tracker will go on sale later this year.

SOURCE: SteelSeries