Xbox One E3 2014 game trailers rundown

Chris Burns - Jun 9, 2014
Xbox One E3 2014 game trailers rundown

This morning at the start of the Xbox One presentation at E3 2015, Xbox head Phil Spencer suggested something crazy. “Today we are dedicating our entire briefing to games,” said Spencer, suggesting that there’d be no chatter about TV programming, audio systems, or in-car entertainment. Nay, said he, it was time to reveal more games than you’d know what to do with.

Have a peek at our E3 2014 tag portal so far and see if you can sense a trend. It’s all about Xbox One – not because we meant it to be that way, but because the Xbox event and subsequent reveals all had Xbox One in their release schedules.

The PlayStation 4 event comes later tonight. Right now we’re going to have a run down a collection of Xbox One games that’ve been revealed at E3 2014 so far.

Above you’ll see Halo: The Master Chief Collection – precursor to Halo 5 Guardians. Below you’ll see Halo 5 Guardians, a Multiplayer Beta teaser.

Next is Sunset Overdrive, in a two-part trailer and gameplay demonstration. This game is completely crazy, full of open-world madness and a hyped-up sports drink.

The first entries here will be the AAA titles – we’ll be running down a number of Indy titles this week as well. Just so you know.

Above you’ll see The Witcher 3, in a very, very similar gameplay trailer to what we saw earlier this month. Below you’ll see How To Train Your Dragon … no… Scalebound. Scalebound is a game where you control a dragon and destroy massive monsters.

Don’t want to get caught on the wrong end of that multi-headed beast, that’s for certain. This game was just introduced for the first time here at E3 2014.

Above you’ll see the first look we’ve had at the next Forza title. This is Forza Horizon 2, complete with higher-powered force than the previous four-wheeled beast.

Above is the first DLC for Dead Rising 3. This is Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix – and it might just be more wild than Sunset Overdrive. Below you’ll see Mighty No. 9 in all his blue glory.

Technically this spiritual son of Mega-Man is an Indy title, but it’s still number 1 to us. Evolve is next – not a brand new title, but seen here on Xbox One for the first time. Kill the monster with your best buddies.

Next comes Ubisoft’s next Assassin’s Creed game. This game is set in olde France – it’s revolution time and you’re set to the task of killing with three of your best friends.

What’s a good first part of E3 2014 without Batman? Not quite Batman: Arkham Knight yet, but Batman nonetheless.

Above you’ll see LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. This game will be produced for Xbox One and Xbox 360, lucky you! Below you’ll see another Xbox One/Xbox 360 release: Dying Light. It’s terrifying!

One of the biggest-name games on the platform is back with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, here with its first ever full gameplay trailer for Xbox One.

Next you’ll find your fighting skills called into question with “the World’s Greatest Fighting Game.” Or so they say.

Above you’re seeing Ultra Street Fighter IV, the next generation of what’s certainly one of the best-known fighting games in history. Below you’ll see another well-known fighting game, Killer Instinct. This game is ramping up for its 2nd season with TJ Combo.

Dragon Age: Inquisition comes from Bioware, a game ready to roll with some of the finest graphics you’ll see all week. This game heads to the dark pits of evil with ancient deadly forces and the green light of chaos.

A striking departure from the normal gun/sword requirement for games in the console environment comes with the next Dance Central. This is Dance Central Spotlight and it’s pumped to use your Kinect.

With Ori and the Blind Forest you’ll find yourself exploring a dark plane of existence. This is an artistic take on the underworld, with a flowing, loving bit of gameplay.

If you thought Dragon Age: Inquisition looked good, you’re going to be blown away by Tom Clancy’s The Division. This is the newest in a line of games from the Tom Clancy universe, but you’d swear it was from an environment all its own. Or at least one shared with Watch Dogs.

Fable Legends also takes on a series that’s been around for an age. This Fable Legends reveal should place confidence in the hearts of those waiting for many moons for the next chapter.

Also coming at last to the console gaming environment is World of Tanks. This Soviet Steel installment should get you pumped about destroying your enemies in the rolling version of a Titan – tracks, not feet.

Happy Wars is another game you’d expect to see taking on the children’s universe. It’ll be coming to both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One soon – as several of the titles in this post will – but it’s the only one to release a trailer that makes a special point of cross-platform play.

Tomb Raider is back after a short trip to the past. Here we’ll see the first full-fledged original Tomb Raider title for the console environment with Rise of the Tomb Raider – all high definition and everything.

Finally – for now – you’ll have a peek at #IDARB. This game is one of the biggest – strangest – Indy titles to come to Xbox One this season. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen #IDARB, and given the response to this game thus far, it’s not the last.

Stick around SlashGear’s gaming tag portal for more gaming throughout the week. We’ll be jumping in with HD trailers and gameplay action throughout the week.

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