A new iPhone in April? Features and details to expect from Apple

The iPhone 9, or iPhone SE 2, or just "new iPhone" could be launched (or just announced) by Apple as early as April 15. That's a Friday, a day over 2 weeks into April. Clues have been stacking up – here's what we're expecting will be making its way to stores by around April 22nd.

The next iPhone, a device that's rumored to be called iPhone 9, could be launched in April. This device would be released at the lowest-cost end of Apple's currently available smartphone lineup, barring the selling of the last bits of old iPhone unit stock from the last couple of years.

The iPhone 9 (as we're calling it until we're told otherwise by Apple), will likely replace the iPhone 8, a device that effectively replaced the iPhone 7. This would be a 4.7-inch display-toting iPhone, complete with a home button / Touch ID (fingerprint scanner), and a classic iPhone 5 sort of aesthetic.

That means a single camera on the back, a rectangular display up front, and an overall package that's tried and true. There'll be a power button on the right side, volume buttons on the left side, and a lock switch above the volume buttons for muting.

Above you'll see one source for date rumors for this phone. Another source is what you see in a leak from Best Buy earlier today. It would seem that the buyer restriction lift from March 23rd, 2020, won't have a massive effect on this new iPhone 9 since they're being made with components different from those included in the iPhone 11 family.

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Some of the newest software features that'll appear at launch with this phone can be seen in the latest iOS 13.4 release – and were teased back with the iOS 14 leak back on March 10th.

Strangely absent from this latest set of rumors is any mention of the iPhone 9 Plus. Apple may well reduce what was a pair – iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus – down to a single offering with the iPhone 9. This all also seems to fit with a rumor from early March in which a late March event could have taken place, but was postponed on account of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

It is unlikely that this new iPhone will feature 5G connectivity. It is quite likely we'll see this device launched with 4G LTE, VoLTE, and no headphone jack. This device will likely launch in several colors with a price starting at around $400 USD.