The Latest Galaxy S11 Release Date Rumors, Prices, And Camera Specs

It's time to take a peek at the latest round of Samsung Galaxy S11 release rumors and expected camera features. As it's been with the past several Samsung Galaxy S smartphones, the two primary draw points are the display and the back-facing cameras. With the Samsung Galaxy S11, we're at a point at which the jump between generations will be massive – in one way or another.

Just the basics: Galaxy S11

The Samsung Galaxy S11 will likely be released in two sizes, one standard Galaxy S11, then a Galaxy S11 Plus. Both will quite likely have built-in access to 5G data connectivity. Both will have front-facing camera arrays that appear through punch-holes in their otherwise-full displays. Both machines will retain the "Infinity Display" edges (with displays cascading over their left and right sides) as they've done in the past several years.

The launch prices of the Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11 Plus (or Galaxy S11+ if you prefer) will likely be quite similar to their predecessors. The Galaxy S10 at launch was $899 (128 GB) and $1149 (512 GB). The Galaxy S11+ will likely expand on the over-$1k pricing it reached in 2019 with such prices as $999 (128 GB), $1249 (512 GB), $1599 (1 TB).

By our analysis, the most likely Samsung Galaxy S11 reveal date is February 24, 2020. The Galaxy S11 pre-order period will likely go from February 24 to March 5, 2019. If these two dates are accurate, the Galaxy S11 release date will be March 6, 2019. As all other things go when we're dealing with leaks and insider tips, everything could change by the time this event happens!

Everything we know so far

The Samsung Galaxy S11 "has a high probability of using a new 108MP sensor," said the cat-icon social media leaker Ice Universe (aka 冰宇宙). This is not the first time we've heard that the Galaxy S11 will use such a monstrous camera sensor. That same 108-megapixel sensor was tipped back in late September along with a larger fingerprint sensor area and a 5x zoom camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11+ will likely follow their setup earlier this year with the Galaxy S10 5G (larger than the Galaxy S10+! That'd mean the following possibilities:

Likely Samsung Galaxy display lineup for 2020:

• S11e 6.1-inch

• S11 6.4-inch

• Note 11 6.5-inch

• S11+ 6.7-inch

• Note 11+ 7.0-inch

It's quite likely that the Galaxy S11 family of devices will sport the first spectrometer tech on its back for visual object detection. This is far cooler than "visual object detection" might make it seem – think if it more of a Pokedex for every real-world object it's got indexed – that's more like it!

A tip from TheElec in Korea suggests that the Galaxy S11 and Samsung Galaxy S11+ family will produce the first major Samsung smartphone with a ToF sensor. ToF means Time of Flight, and it's been in a few phones already, but nothing so major as a Galaxy S. That ToF sensor will likely come from the manufacturer Sunny Optical in China – the same supplier of the ToF sensor in the Galaxy S10 5G. South Korea suppliers Namuga and Partron supplied ToF sensors to the Galaxy Note 10+, and will likely supply the Samsung Galaxy S11 with said sensor as well.

Leaks in October showed how the Galaxy S11 will likely be a relatively tall, slim phone. That's very similar to what was revealed with the Sony Xperia 1, a very tall phone indeed.

Samsung revealed their next Exynos system-on-chip with 5G just this late October. It's shown one thing very clearly – they're pushing 5G as a must-have feature from this point forward. Now, if only the speed at which 5G spectrum was deploying actually met the supposed expectations of the people who killed Net Neutrality back in June of 2018. At least the phones can connect, right? We'll just have to go scavenging for scraps of 5G spectrum out in the wild, Mad Max style and stuff.