In 2020, Samsung Galaxy S11 will take a new angle

When analyzing the possibilities for Samsung's next generation of Galaxy S and Note devices, you may want to consider readjusting your expectations the year 2020. Not because they'll be bringing anything particularly different for the masses, but because of how Samsung's about to flip their script. It won't be the tech that's changed, it'll be Samsung's message.

With the release of the Galaxy S9, we had the Galaxy S9, S9+, and later the Note 9, all in the same year. That gave the market a 5.8-inch display, a 6.2-inch display, and the Note 9 had a 6.4-inch display. Simple stuff – you knew that the Note 9 was the biggest and the most expensive, and the Galaxy S9+ gave you two slightly smaller options.

With the Galaxy S10 in the year 2019, things got wild. Once Samsung realized they had potential market holes to fill, they expanded their hero line of phones significantly. Instead of just a single "S" phone and "Plus" version, they released S, S Plus, S 5G, and SE. Later in the year they released three Galaxy Note devices (three models, counting 5G, but just two display sizes) so here at the tail end of 2019 we have the following.

Samsung AAA brand smartphones and display sizes for 2019:

• S10e 5.8-inch

• S10 6.1-inch

• Note 10 6.3-inch

• S10+ 6.4-inch

• S10 5G 6.7-inch

• Note 10+ 6.8-inch

It's unlikely Samsung will keep a separate phone for 5G tech in 2020, so we can roll that bit into the standard models. We can follow the trend from S9 display size to S10e for the S11e, so we've got a 6.1-inch display, then we bump up the rest by .3 (per the last jump) and we've got the following.

Likely Samsung AAA 2020 smartphone lineup with displays:

• S11e 6.1-inch

• S11 6.4-inch

• Note 11 6.5-inch

• S11+ 6.7-inch*

• Note 11+ 7.0-inch

*The Samsung Galaxy S11+ for 2020 can use the same display as the Galaxy S10+ 5G from 2019. The Galaxy S11e can use the same display as Samsung used with the Galaxy S10, and the Galaxy S11 can inherit the display used by the Galaxy S10+. Re-using tech developed the year previous for "lower tier" devices in the future is a smart tactic – and Samsung's not the only company considering making it a reality.

The Galaxy Note 11 can once again fit in-between the Galaxy S and S Plus, and the Note 11 will be an odd nut to crack. Will Samsung really jump up to 7-inches for a smartphone? Sure, why not?

In 2020, updates in smartphone display tech will be tiny. Samsung and other major brands will focus largely on their new smartphone colors, their phones ability to use 3D sensors like FoV, and their even-better night vision (smart long exposure) camera systems. Take a peek at the timeline of analysis and leaks for the next generation below – this is just the beginning!