2023 Honda Civic Type R Price Revealed And We're Shocked

For years, the Honda Civic Type R was almost mythical until it arrived in the United States in 2017. The outgoing Type R was a 300+ horsepower SuperCivic with looks straight out of an anime, including a huge wing and aerodynamic bits attached to almost every conceivable surface. Predictably, it was a hit. The old Type R was never a cheap car, starting just under $38k, but it's still essentially a fast Civic at heart. Adding "Type R" to any Honda is going to hurt the wallet. 

Honda has been teasing the 2023 Civic Type R for a few months now as the perfect car for enthusiasts. In a move that's bound to make the entire automotive internet happy, the upcoming Type R is equipped with a stick shift as standard equipment. 315 horsepower from the factory isn't bad either. As with most things, though, there's some heavy news to go with the good: the price. The new CivicType R is rather expensive, and the price tag might betray the car's humble underpinnings. 

High price for a hot hatch

According to a press release from Honda, the new Type R boasts an MSRP of a hefty $42,985. That's quite the chunk of change for a hot hatch. For comparison, a new base model Civic hatchback costs just $25,450. Honda claims the Type R is the most powerful production car the brand has ever offered in the United States. It is also the most expensive, out-pricing the brand's prior most expensive normal production car, the Passport.

Honda is quoted as saying "Civic Type R continues to offer exceptional high-performance value with starting MSRP at $42,895." It may be the best "value" when shopping for supercars, but it could be a tough sell in its actual segment. Toyota's compact speed demon, the Corolla GR, has a base price of $35,900. At over seven grand more expensive than the Toyota, the Type R better absolutely trounce the Corolla on the track — somewhere the cheaper car has already shown us its talents.

Honda says that the new Type Rs will start arriving at Honda dealers tomorrow. But given how dealership pricing works nowadays, good luck getting a Type R anywhere near its already shocking MSRP.