2023 Honda Civic Type R Officially Revealed As A Manual-Only Enthusiast's Brawler

The sixth-generation 2023 Honda Civic Type R was first revealed last October, but back then, we didn't know a whole lot about the new model. Despite the wild red-and-black camo wrap shown off in the preview, it still looked a little less showy than its 2020 predecessor, especially around the spoiler. As for technical specifications, we speculated the 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo engine from the previous model would likely carry over into the next generation along with its six-speed manual transmission; after all, the existing engine boasts 295 lb-ft of torque and 306 hp, which is plenty powerful by today's standards.

But more recently, a handful of new details about the upcoming 2023 Honda Civic Type R have been delivered straight from the source. Honda's latest announcement dives a bit deeper into the design and layout of the 2023 Type R than we've seen previously, and it does seem like a genuinely faster version of its predecessor, offering both an improved hatchback chassis design and even slicker styling.

In our review of the fifth-generation 2020 Honda Civic Type R, we noted that it was an affordable six-speed manual with a strong mix of power and handling, but that its interior styling was just a bit too over-the-top for the car's own good, even potentially undermining its other qualities.

Honda promises a faster, slicker Type R

Honda's new announcement is still more of a teaser than a full reveal, broadly summarizing the changes being made to its sixth-generation model rather than getting into the nitty gritty of its technical specifications. Of note is Honda's brief mention of an "even more powerful and responsive" 2.0-liter turbo engine paired with a six-speed manual transmission like we predicted. The video embedded below gives us a closer look at how the vehicle handles, and this alone might be enough assurance that Honda is bringing a true upgrade to this year's model.

The car manufacturer promises that the 2023 Honda Civic Type R is "the most powerful Type R ever," and it's mentioned that the hatchback's design will be notably lower and wider than past models, which could help aerodynamics. It also looks like the front grille mesh is based on a much wider honeycomb design than its predecessor, and it's paired with a sharper side sill design and wider rear doors — all of which can improve the car's downforce and give it better airflow efficiency overall.

This interior is also getting an upgrade with a new layout that retains the red color scheme of its predecessor but with a sleeker and more natural-looking palette. Royal red seating and carpeting contrasts against an all-black dashboard, steering wheel, and console. Honda isn't giving any other specifics about its tech specs or pricing right now, but it claims that more information will become available in fall 2022.