White iPhone 4 added to AT&T online systems

Having been spotted in Best Buy's inventory systems earlier in the month, the white iPhone 4 has now cropped up in AT&T's database. BGR's source passed them screenshots of the AT&T Online Account Management system (OLAM), which includes entries for the "iPhone 4 – 16GB White" and "iPhone 4 – 32GB White."

The Best Buy leak followed a sighting of the white iPhone 4 in Vodafone Germany's systems. According to the previous information, Best Buy expects the first stock of the white iPhone 4 in on February 27.

Apple has never given conclusive reasons as to the white variant's delay, only saying that manufacturing issues have caused them to postpone the handset's release until Spring 2011. Various causes have been suggested, including problems with light leaking into the camera and issues getting the various shades to match.