iPhone 4 In White Spotted In New York City, Owner Explains Why You Can't Have One

When Steve Jobs stood on stage earlier in the year and officially unveiled the new iPhone 4, no one expected that the white variation of the device would become a rarity in the world, with the Cupertino-based company announcing that the white version of the iPhone wouldn't be shipping with the black model. And still, there are people out there waiting to get their hands on the "other" iPhone 4, but Apple has remained quiet on the status of the release. Thanks to Pocket-Lint, though, it turns out the reason for the hold up of the white iPhone 4 has everything to do with the fact that it's white.

We had heard in the past that Apple was holding back on manufacturing the iPhone 4 due to "unforseen manufacturing difficulties," and there were plenty of people out there suggesting that the company was fixing the antenna, or any number of things. But, it turns out that it's not that at all. When Pocket-Lint spoke to the owner of the white iPhone 4 at a New York City press event, he told them that the reason for the hold-up had everything to do with the color. According to this mystery man, the two manufacturing companies in charge of the white face plate for the iPhone, and the Home button aren't able to match one another in their white creations.

Everyone knows that Apple considers themselves a perfectionist company, so it's no surprise that they'd hold back on the manufacturing of the device until they could at least get the shades of white to match. Of course, none of this is confirmed by Apple, but we imagine that would be a somewhat funny story to tell while on stage, at an upcoming event. Perhaps the bigger question, though, is why this man has a white iPhone 4. He was happy to answer, stating that he has a friend that works for the company, and apparently Apple has a ton of the little white devices floating around One Infinite Loop, so he "fixed him up." Lucky man.

[via Pocket-Lint]